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NMLS 913615 | Geneva Financial, LLC
Licensed Loan Originator 
M: 602.328.0865 

E: mbeaini@genevafi.com

Licensed: Arizona (AZ) and Illinois

Hi, my name is Magdalena Beaini but everyone calls me “Maggie.” I was born and raised in Poland but ultimately, I’ve chosen Arizona to be my home.

My career in Finance began over 15 years ago in Chicago, where I have been introduced to the financial world, and now continuous in Phoenix, Arizona.  My focus and specialty is identifying and offering my clients financial solutions that make most sense for their current financial situation and goals. I am passionate about researching and writing about topics that include various money savings options and innovative bank loans as they become available.

In my personal life, I value my family and my relationships with supportive friends and associates.  I can't image my world without them.  In my spare time, I enjoy researching and exploring hiking destinations, restaurants and music.

My Motto:  If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way

 Q&A to get to know me better: 

Are there any expenses that you have no regrets about?
Travel! In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than investing in creating new memories: swimming in the Turkish Sea on Canary Islands, enjoying sunsets on Bieszczady Mountains in Poland or a glass of wine on Colorado cliffs is worth every penny.

What was your fist memorable purchase for which you had to save money for?
It took me a while to save money for a special pink sweater. It was a big deal since I grew up in a communist country.

An item I need at all times…
I never leave home without my cell phone - unfortunately.

What would you do if you inherited 10 Million Dollars?
I would begin an all around the world journey and visit the most sacred places. Naturally, I would invest part of that money to make it work for me; I would fund and interesting project or venture and spend a lot of time with people that are dear to me.

If I didn’t have this career…
…I would not be who I am. 

What do you never spend your money on?
I rarely use the word “never” but I don’t see the value in purchasing high-end luxury labeled clothing.  I prefer to support small business boutiques over expensive logo designs that are splattered on popular fashion magazine covers. 

What is your opinion on new banking technology?  Do you use it?
I appreciate the convenience and ease of technology that is offered through financial institutions. Banks around the world are taking advantage of new technologies to streamline their operations and give their users a better experience. The bottom line is technology helps but I still believe in human interaction, especially in mortgages where all information are a vital part of the process to determine the best mortgage options for you.

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